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We are a professional and independent provider of Land Registry Title Deeds and Land Registry documents. Our Land Registry Online search service covers properties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have instant access to the Land Registers for over 20 million properties and offer a complete Land Registry search service, including the main  Title Deeds, i.e. the Title Register, Title Plan and Registered Old Deeds, and also historical editions of the register.

We are not affiliated with government organisations and offer an effective, highly professional, comprehensive and affordable service as well as free expert advice to all of our customers.

HM Land Registry launches Property Fraud Line for Home Owners

The UK Land Registry launched a new Property Fraud Line for homeowners on 5 February 2013. Anyone who is concerned that a property may be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage will be able to alert the Land Registry, can speak to specially trained staff and ask for practical advice on what to do next.

HM Land Registry to close telephone ordering services

On 17 December 2012 HM Land Registry will close telephone ordering services for business customers due to decreasing demand. Online services remain unaffected and expected to be improved.

Watermarks Discontinued on Official Copies

From 18th April 2011 you will no longer see a watermark imprint on electronic official Land Registry documents including title registers and plans. This will simplify the document generation and in longer term will improve the quality of title plans in vector format. Under section 67 of the Land Registration Act 2002 an official copy is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the original; there is no additional requirement that the official copy be on watermarked paper.

HIPs Scrapped

As an important step at a point of fragile recovery in the housing market property sellers are no longer required to compile a Home Information Pack for properties marketed from 21st May 2010. Requirement of the EPC remains in place.

Folio Search in Northern Ireland

Land Register Search for property in Northern Ireland. Folio search by address or digital map. Visit our Northern Ireland pages.

Home Information Packs

Our HIP Ordering system offers an all inclusive, simple, cost effective way to order a Home Information Pack for your residential property. Obtain a free quotation by completing the form below, order online and track the progress of your HIP from our dedicated control panel.

House prices dip 1%, says Nationwide

According to moneymarketing.co.uk Nationwide says the price decline could be a result of snowy weather and the expiry of the stamp duty holiday. It says it is too early to say whether February’s drop is start of a new trend.

Land Registry Online Search

We successfuly launched our Land Registry Search Services for Scotland. For unregistered properties we provide Sasine Register Search, which can reveal ownership details from registered old deeds.

Home Valuation Difficulties

Valuation isn’t a science or a fine art. Most agents simply make appraisals of a property and produce a figure that they think sits well in the local market," says Peter Bolton-King of the National Association of Estate Agents as quoted by telegraph.co.uk

Good Year for Landlords


James Davis, chief executive officer of upad.co.uk, remarked after the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) revealed that there has been an increase in the amount of reluctant property tenants.

Ownership Information from the Land Register

Title Register, Title Plan, Title Deeds, Registered Lase are available on our Title Deeds page. All title documents for England, Wales and Scotland.

Land registry Search Simply

We provide various searches in the Land Registry online. Our service covers England, Wales and Scotland.

Who owns that property?

With our superb and efficient search service it is simple to access various data from Land Registry online. Deeds, leases, title registers, title plans are available with short delivery. Property ownership records for all registered properties.

Title Deeds Online - Fast Delivery

How can you access the data of Land Registry Online?

Register free for our website and accessing the Land Registry online is just a couple of clicks away. Once you have placed an order for a title deed, we deliver it electronically within 24 hours.

Title Deeds Scotland

Find out Who owns a property in Scotland. If the land has been sold in the last approximately ten years, it must be registered with Registers of Scotland. You can order the Title Register and plan online on our Registers of Scotland pages. We deliver your documents within 24 hours electronically or send it to you by post. In case the property is not registered we can search the Sasine Register for old registered deeds, that affecting the property and contain property ownership details.

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